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James Apollo: 
Two By Two

“James Apollo is the bandleader of the James Apollo 5. A worldwide adventurer, producer, and diplomat.”

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Recorded at Performing Artist Co-Op, at 5-points 2014.

Shakey Graves: 
The Perfect Parts

“What I’m trying to do is about storytelling, I’m not really trying to play folk music or blues or one-man-band stuff. There’s a long tradition of people I respect from poets to loud rockers, whatever — it’s about the human struggle. And I know that sounds cheesy, but I feel that with the live shows I put on, I really come to perform in front of people.”

-Shakey Graves

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Recorded at Pickathon Music Festival 2014.

Mandolin Orange: 
There Was A Time


“Mandolin Orange has been quietly gathering local and faraway fans since its debut album was released back in 2010. The North Carolina duo’s music — laced with bluegrass, country and folk — is often wistful and contemplative without being somber, and always firmly grounded in the South.” 

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Recorded at Pickathon Music Festival 2014.

Guy Marshall: 
Cigarette Smoke

“Guy Marshall is led by Adam McNulty. His wife, Serrena McNulty, began singing his songs with him in August 2011. With a rotating cast of talented friends, they became Guy Marshall.”

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Recorded at Rhythm N Blooms Fest  2014.

Rolling Nowhere: 
Wild Heart

In February 2013, Rolling Nowhere released its first full length record “The Simple Life”, earning slews of new fans and toured the Southeast extensively. 2014 continued to be a busy year for Rolling Nowhere . In addition to touring, Rolling Nowhere has: filmed videos for “Live and Breathing” and Mary Todd Hairdressing Company’s “Way Down in Cabbagetown” series, recorded their Daytrotter session,  and filmed 2 videos with director Joshua Shoemaker.
Visit Rolling Nowhere‘s website.

Folk Soul Revival: 
Buy Your Drink

“Folk Soul Revival is an Americana band rumbling out of the hills of southwest Virginia.Their unique blend of country, roots and rock has earned them an eclectic group of fans, lovingly referred to as The Congregation.”

Visit Folk Soul Revival‘s website.

Recorded at Bristol Rhythm And Roots Reunion 2014.

Robert Ellis: 
Steady As The Rising Sun

“With every remarkable cut, with every twist and turn, Robert’s life and his
experience, shine through. His days growing up in a small industrial town in
Texas, his move to Houston, and now as a 25-year-old man, when not on the
road performing around the world, living with his wife in Nashville.”

Visit Robert Ellis‘ website.

Recorded at Rhythm N Blooms Fest.

Josh Oliver: 
Lonesome Heartbroken Blues

“Armed with a voice that was raised on hymnals and baptisms; and guitar playing that attempts to speak to the hopeful, as well as the heartbroken, Josh Oliver has rightfully forged a well respected residency in the Americana genre.”

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Recorded at Rhythm N Blooms Fest.

Old Light: 
All Over

Led by former San Francisco cabbie and current Portland resident Garth Klippart, Old Light began when Garth (singer and autoharp) bought an old autoharp from an antique instrument guru and recorded it over and over, layering the tracks. The result is like nothing else that has come out of the Pacific Northwest.

Visit Old Light‘s website.

Recorded at Pickathon Music Festival.

Old Line Skiffle Combo: 
Plastic Fish

They have rocked the entire earth with their brand of skiffle, old timey, western swing, rockabilly, old country and hybrid “punk swing” tunes.

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Recorded at Bristol Rhythm And Roots Reunion.