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Wolf People: 


If the bands Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath jammed together after seeing a Led Zeppelin concert, it might sound like Wolf People. Epic and timeless lyrics paired with overdriven fretwork; vintage psychedelic rocknroll with deep folk roots. This performance from the Pump House at Pickathon 2015 left us wanting more…                                                         Good thing they are listed on the 2017 lineup!

Woody Pines: 
Stella Blue

Muddy Roots recording artist Woody Pines plays “Music with enough soul to satisfy Satan himself…it’s American Roots mixed with Folk and the New Wave Southern Gothic. In other words, awesome!”

Visit Woody Pines‘ website.

Recorded at Performing Artist Co-Op, at 5-Points, East Nashville 2014.

The Donkeys: 
West Coast Raga

Taking their cues from bands like Pavement, the Grateful Dead, and Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young; The Donkeys craft melodic country-rock songs inspired by their state’s warm weather and relaxed pace.

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Recorded at Pickathon Music Festival 2014.

Mandolin Orange: 
Runnin Red

After the breakout critical success of Mandolin Orange’s Yep Roc debut, ‘This Side of Jordan,’ you’d expect the relentless onslaught of touring that accompanied it to seep into the writing of the North Carolina duo’s follow-up. You’d expect the sound to reflect long days on the road, long nights onstage, unfamiliar cities, countless miles.  You’d expect the classic “road record.” But you’d be wrong.

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Recorded at Pickathon Music Festival 2014.


“Coming all the way from Austin, Texas, Oozy is the third album released by the Latin funk band Brownout. This production has been embraced by the Nat Geo Music label, which says a lot about the kind of music Brownout has incorporated into this album. If you close your eyes, you kind of feel like in a Tarantino movie.”

Visit Brownout‘s website.

Recorded at Pickathon Music Festival 2014.

Della Mae: 
Sleep With One Eye Open


“With a sensitive yet assertive approach that’s steeped in tradition yet firmly rooted in the present, the four versatile instrumentalist/vocalists draw from a bottomless well of rootsy influences to create vibrantly original music that conveys the band’s expansive musical vision with timeless lyrical truths and an unmistakably contemporary sensibility that places them alongside such roots-conscious young acts as the Avett Brothers, Punch Brothers, the Lumineers, and Hurray for the Riff Raff.”

Visit Della Mae‘s website.

Recorded at Pickathon Music Festival 2014.

Elliott Brood: 
Nothing Left

“For the first time, Elliott Brood decided to hand over the reins to a producer: Ian Blurton, who has helped make roaring records for the Weakerthans, Skydiggers and Cursed. And for the first time, the group’s two songwriters decided to mine the bare histories of their own lives: penning verses about the ends of relationships and the tests of adulthood, long drives, childhood retreating in a rear-view mirror.”

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Recorded at Bristol Rhythm And Roots Reunion 2014.

Witching Hour

Their debut LP, “Ride Out The Dark,” is a collection of songs that speak to the light at the end of that dark forest tunnel we all find ourselves stuck in now and again. Put it on your turntable and sit with it like a friend; it’s the kind of record that makes you homesick for an un-nameable place and puts you in its own kind of darkness on the edge of town where things are raw and alive and unchained. Their follow-up LP, “No News From Home” is due out in March of 2015. 

Visit Houndstooth‘s website.

Recorded at Pickathon Music Festival 2014.

Brett Dennen: 
Who Am I

“In 2004, Dennen released his first self-titled album, Brett Dennen. His second album was So Much More, which includes the singles “Ain’t No Reason”, “She’s Mine”, and “Darlin’ Do Not Fear”. A few songs charted as iTunes top downloads in the days following the album’s release in November 2006. [1] Dennen also contributed a cover of “Private Life” to the 2006 tribute album Drink To Bones That Turn To Dust: A Toast To Oingo Boingo.”

Visit Brett Dennen‘s website.

Recorded at Rhythm N Blooms Fest 2014.

My Time

“Since forming in 2010, the New York five-piece Caveman have been slowly garnering attention for their loose, deceptively expansive indie-folk rock. Their music carries both a professional air and world-weary rasp, an impression that’s borne out of the group’s credentials, and overlapping lives, as journeyman veterans of NYC’s massive music scene for the better part a decade.”

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Recorded at Bristol Rhythm And Roots Reunion 2014.