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Green Cove

Legbeard happened when members of several Knoxville bands had a chance to try something different together. Legbeard has driving old-time Appalachian fiddle/banjo music and vocal harmony at its core, with branches into original songs from the members and a few country folk gems.


Legbeard: Green Cove

Wolf People : NRR

Diarrhea Planet: Ice Age

Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer: The Flower Of Muscle Shoals

Ages and Ages: I See More

The Men: Supermoon

Albatross with ChessBoxer- Game Of Love

Ancient Cities: Juice

The Cactus Blossoms: A Sad Day To Be You
Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside: Rock n' Roll

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside: Rock n’ Roll

Patrick Sweany: Every Night, Every Day
The Truth and Salvage Co. - Pure Mountain Angel

The Truth and Salvage Co: Pure Mountain Angel

The Defibulators: Get Your Papers

The Cactus Blossoms: San Antonio Rose

Cardboard Songsters: Lydia Pinkham

Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside: Cage
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