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Sol Driven Train: 

“Combining rich varieties of American pop and folk music into their own port-town sound, Sol Driven Train has carved out a unique musical identity within the burgeoning roots music scene.”

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Recorded during Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2014.

at the historic L.C.King Building


Sol Driven Train: 

“Sol Driven Train’s sound has helped shape their hometown’s musical identity for more than a decade. It’s soulful and rich like Charleston’s food, approachable like its people, rooted in history like its architecture, and as diverse as you’d expect from a city that, for instance, has a Prius-driving Democrat for a mayor in one of the country’s reddest states.  During the spring of 2000, a close circle of friends began gathering in college apartments downtown Charleston to create sound and share in the fun and cathartic joy of music.”

Visit Sol Driven Train‘s website.

Recorded at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2014.

Sol Driven Train: 
Hot Pies

“Sol Driven Train’s music weaves through genres like images in a Tom Robbins paragraph. The band’s playful sonic schizophrenia absorbs songwriting influences like John Prine and Paul Simon, Afrocaribbean rhythmic explorations, and funky New Orleans-style brass into earnest songs of life, love, loss, and long johns.”

Visit Sol Driven Train‘s website.

Recorded at Bristol Rhythm And Roots Reunion 2014.