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Goodnight Texas: 
I'm Going To Work On Maggie's Farm Forever

“Their music sounds like it could be from any time between 1890 and 2015, their backgrounds are as diverse as West Virginia, San Francisco, New Jersey, and North Carolina, and their band name leads you to believe that they are from the Lone Star State.”

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Recorded at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2014.

Motel Rodeo: 
I Heard The Bluebird Sing

“Motel Rodeo, from the hills of East Tennessee, are proud young purveyors of tried and true honky tonk music. Formed in 2012, the band has spent a great amount of time developing their craft, creating a unique sound deeply rooted in the traditions of early country.”

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Recorded at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2014.

Ural Thomas & The Pain: 
I'll Do It For You

“Ural’s whole life has been music; blues, R&B, funk, jazz and honkey-tonk, playing it and teaching it. He started his first band when he was 11.  For years he worked as a session artist, including for the big names- The Kingsmen, Billy Larkin and Neil Diamond. He headlined his own bands, including at the Apollo theater in the 60’s where James Brown and Otis Redding performed.”

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Recorded at Pickathon Music Fest 2014.

Shakey Graves: 
Big Time Nashville Star

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Recorded at Pickathon Music Fest 2014.


The Dustbowl Revival: 
Hey Baby

“The Dustbowl Revival is a Venice, California-based collective that merges old school bluegrass, gospel, pre-war blues and the hot swing of New Orleans to form a spicy roots cocktail. Known for their roaring live sets, Dustbowl bravely brings together many styles of traditional American music. Some call it a string band-brass band mash up. Maybe it’s swing-grass or good old Americana, however you spin it, Dustbowl creates and curates infectious, joyous music – a youthful take on time-worn American traditions.”

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Recorded at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2014.

Shut You Down

“These are white winter hymnals in the middle of summer. Like you’d imagine the Band to sound from their reviews, or what you might expect from the phrase ‘cosmic American music’ once mystifyingly ascribed to Gram Parsons. It’s roots rock meets heartbreak pop. CSN&Y with synthesisers, only better than that sounds, with a My Morning Jacket-esque sense of quietly simmering drama. Anticipate heaps of echo/reverb and the sound of drumsticks tapping the metal part of the kit, with apologies for the technical terminology.”

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Recorded at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2014.


“Brownout may well be Grupo Fantasma’s psychedelic Latin funk alter-ego, an offshoot of the collective that regularly backs Prince, its latest incarnation, or even its alter ego. What they are not is the sprawling conjunto’s side project. Brownout has taken Grupo Fantasma’s funk roots and blown them up. In the process they’ve taken on a life and developed a unique sound all their own.”

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Recorded at Pickathon Music Fest 2014.

Diarrhea Planet: 
Orange Girls

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.” – Romeo and Juliet

If Shakespeare was alive to get the Led out, he would’ve listened to Diarrhea Planet, Nashville’s favorite six-piece rock and roll band. Outfitted with a drummer and bassist that barrel forth with the power of a thousand locomotives and a four guitar arsenal able to unleash a meticulous torrent of expertly crafted hooks, riffs and solos, DP take everything you knew you loved about rock, punk and pop, jack it up way past 11, and leave you catching your breath and massaging the kink in your neck from all that head banging.

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Recorded at Pickathon Music Fest 2014.

Loves It!: 
Braided Updo

“Born in Austin, Texas in 2010, Loves It is the duo comprised of songwriters of Vaughn Walters and Jenny Parrott that has already played hundreds of shows in the US, Europe and Asia in that short time. The harmony driven pair often switches between guitars, fiddle, and banjo, adding special guests to create a bigger sound, and playing with a veneration for tradition, and a determination to bring a modern voice to their favorite folk, country, gospel and punk sounds.”

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Recorded at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2014.

Sol Driven Train: 

“Sol Driven Train’s sound has helped shape their hometown’s musical identity for more than a decade. It’s soulful and rich like Charleston’s food, approachable like its people, rooted in history like its architecture, and as diverse as you’d expect from a city that, for instance, has a Prius-driving Democrat for a mayor in one of the country’s reddest states.  During the spring of 2000, a close circle of friends began gathering in college apartments downtown Charleston to create sound and share in the fun and cathartic joy of music.”

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Recorded at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion 2014.