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“Houndstooth writes electric folk songs that talk about everyday sweetness and desolation in a manner that’s as singular and idiosyncratic as singer Katie Bernstein’s inimitable voice. If their songs were pictures, they’d be William Eggleston photographs – overheard stories in heated-up kodachrome speaking of sweetness and tragedy.”

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The Howlin’ Brothers: The Troubled Waltz
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Leo Rondeau: You Ain’t For Me
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Elliott Brood: Mission Bell
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Bill Alexander “The Appalachian Hippie Poet”: Rubble Ground
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Dom Flemons ft. Joe Seamons & Ben Hunter: Cotton Patch Rag
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The Black Lillies: Trying To Start Out Clean
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Bobby Patterson: I’m In Love
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River Whyless: The Hunter & The Gardner Part 3
Duke Junior & The Smokey Boots - Babe I'm Gonna Let You Down

Duke Junior and the Smokey Boots: Babe I’m Gonna Let You Down
The Coffee's Gone Cold

Charlie Parr: The Coffee’s Gone Cold

Brett Dennen: Wild Child
Joy Kills Sorrow - Wouldn't Have Noticed

Joy Kills Sorrow: Wouldn’t Have Noticed
Ben Sollee: Bible Belt

Ben Sollee: Bible Belt
Megafaun: Worried Mind

Megafaun: Worried Mind

Leo Rondeau: Dont You Know Me By Now
Lydia Pinkham

Cardboard Songsters: Lydia Pinkham
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