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Harley Kimbro Lewis: 
Good Guy

From Knoxville to Nashville via Hertfordshire, Martin Harley, Daniel Kimbro & Sam Lewis collaborate for the first time on a slow cooked, laid back album reminiscent of an early American songbook. Produced at Wow & Flutter studios the old fashioned way; writing songs in the morning and rolling the tape in the afternoon, the album highlights Daniel’s Appalachia roots, Sam’s Nashville tones and Martin’s travelling riverside blues. Individually they have worked with some of the biggest names in the business. This is acoustic Americana at is finest.


Legbeard: Green Cove

Wolf People : NRR

Diarrhea Planet: Ice Age

Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer: The Flower Of Muscle Shoals

Ages and Ages: I See More

The Men: Supermoon

Albatross with ChessBoxer- Game Of Love

Ancient Cities: Juice
Hoots & Hellmouth: Apple Like a Wrecking Ball

Hoots & Hellmouth: Apple Like a Wrecking Ball

Loves It! : Braided Updo

Little Red Lung: Little Drop of Poison
The Truth and Salvage Co. - Pure Mountain Angel

The Truth and Salvage Co: Pure Mountain Angel

Shotgun Party: Great Big Kiss
Paul Lee Kupfer & Josh Oliver: Jabo

Paul Lee Kupfer & Josh Oliver: Jabo
The Apache Relay - I Can't Wake Up

The Apache Relay: I Can’t Wake Up
The Black Lillies - Ruby

The Black Lillies: Ruby
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