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Wolf People: 


If the bands Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath jammed together after seeing a Led Zeppelin concert, it might sound like Wolf People. Epic and timeless lyrics paired with overdriven fretwork; vintage psychedelic rocknroll with deep folk roots. This performance from the Pump House at Pickathon 2015 left us wanting more…                                                         Good thing they are listed on the 2017 lineup!


Diarrhea Planet: Ice Age

Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer: The Flower Of Muscle Shoals

Ages and Ages: I See More

The Men: Supermoon

Albatross with ChessBoxer- Game Of Love

Ancient Cities: Juice

Sol Driven Train: Ghost

Leroy Thomas & The Zydeco Roadrunners: Shammalama Ding Dong

Robert Ellis: Good Intentions

Dear Rabbit: Wit’ Dem Shoes He Only Has One Sock

Mike + Ruthy: On My Way Home
The Morning Pages: Lay Me Down

The Morning Pages: Lay Me Down

Red Shoes & Rosin: Iceberg
Jill Andrews: My Little Beating Heart

Jill Andrews: My Little Beating Heart

Sunday Valley: Never Go To Town Again

Christian Lee Hutson: Texico
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